Peaceful Coexistence, A Dream for India?

BUNIYAD PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE, A DREAM FOR INDIA? The term “secular” was added to the Preamble of the Indian Constitution in 1976 through the 42nd Amendment. It means that the government does not support any specific religion, treats all citizens equally regardless of their religion, and encourages tolerance and harmony among different religious groups. This change […]

Breaking the Handcuffs of Bonded Labour

LAW POWER ASSOCIATION BREAKING HANDCUFFS OF BONDED LABOUR Picture a child using their little hands to weave carpets, roll beedis, or break stones. Now, imagine there are 5.7 million of them. In India, that’s how many children between the ages of 5 and 17 are engaged in labour. These children are modern-day slaves, trapped by […]

No More Bleeding to Death!

SHREE SHIV KANWAR MAHA SANGH CHARITABLE TRUST NO MORE BLEEDING TO DEATH Everyday brings with it, a battle – 12,000 people fighting the scarcity of blood. Families hold their breath, waiting for a lifeline that might change the course of their lives.  An incident took place in 1993, when Mr Rakesh Sangar crossed paths with […]

Sakhi Sangini Sangathan

SAKHI SANGINI SANGATHAN WHERE LIVES ARE EMPOWERED ‘Sakhi Sangini Sangathan’ was born in 2008. Their objective is to improve the overall condition of women from urban slums in Kutch and surrounding regions. They acknowledged the absence of adequate amenities and information for the urban slum women and hence they envisioned social, economic, and political empowerment […]

Vagad ke Gandhi

VAAGDHARA VAGAD KE GANDHI Jayesh Joshi, a firm believer of Gandhian philosophy, embarked on a journey that would touch countless lives. Destiny pushed him into a farmer’s life in Rajasthan. It was here that the seeds of Vaagdhara were sown. Driven by a deep-rooted belief in Swaraj, Jayesh bhai set out to bridge the gap […]

Transforming Slum Communities

SANCHETANA A STORY THAT’S HIDDEN IN GUJARAT A life where the top priority is earning a daily wage to get enough food to live and sustain another day. A life where makeshift homes with minimal hygiene conditions are the norm. A life where an open drain in front of your home is a public toilet […]

Levelled Playing Field?

UMOYA SPORTS FROM INVISIBILITY TO INCLUSION Teamwork, resilience, confidence, leadership, work ethic – these are some of the invaluable life skills that sports teach us. Beyond the classroom, we learn essential life skills by engaging our minds and bodies. All of us have one or many memories of sports activities from our school days, remembering […]

Helping People Help Themselves

JAN CHETNA SANSTHAN HELPING PEOPLE HELP THEMSELVES Amidst the hue and cry about climate change, there are communities who live far from the madding crowd. In close proximity to forests, these people judiciously use nature’s wealth, replenishing more than they take from nature. These communities are none other than the tribal people, the most exploited […]

Sadak Se School Tak Ki Raah

AASRAA TRUST FROM STREETS TO SCHOOLS/ SADAK SE SCHOOL TAK KI RAAH Often, as we wait at traffic signals, we witness children begging and picking rags. The sight saddens us, and thoughts about what happens to these children and where they come from cross our mind. However, these thoughts often evaporate as soon as the […]

Changing Lives, One Period at a Time

Mitu Foundation CHANGING LIVES, ONE PERIOD AT A TIME Imagine a world where silence surrounds a natural part of life, where shame and misinformation hold women back. That’s the reality Dr. Kala witnessed, prompting her to create the MITU Foundation. MITU Foundation’s mission isn’t just about providing sanitary products; it’s about shattering the silence surrounding […]