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Travelling across India makes one realise that we do not really understand the reality of our country. This applies especially to the more privileged of us. We seem to be living in a ‘bubble’, which prevents us from meeting, acknowledging and then doing something about the reality of our country.

Our homes, cars, schools, offices, conversations and vacations go through the rest of India, but does not give us an opportunity to understand how our people live, what they do, and what their struggles may be.

Our homes, cars, schools, offices, conversations, and vacations may take us all over the country, but they rarely give us a chance to truly understand how our fellow citizens live their lives, what they do to make ends meet, and the challenges they confront daily.

This is where “A Day in the Life of BHARAT” comes in. It’s an attempt to simply capture the daily life of a regular Indian whom we might never otherwise get to know. The goal is to shed light on the rich diversity that defines our nation and to help us become more understanding of the hardships, our fellow countrymen endure.

By sharing the stories of ordinary Indians, we aim to bridge the gap that separates us from the realities of their lives. It’s important because understanding our people helps us understand our country better. When we learn about the struggles, aspirations, and triumphs of others, we become more connected, compassionate, and united as a nation. So, let’s take this journey together – to explore, learn, and grow as individuals and as a community.

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