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In India, women face a myriad of challenges that often overshadow their basic rights and safety. From widespread cases of sexual abuse and domestic violence to lesser-known issues like mut’ah marriages, the landscape of gender based crimes remains full of obstacles for women.

Sexual abuse is an unfortunate reality for countless women across the country. Despite strides in awareness and legal reforms, incidents of sexual harassment, assault, and rape continue to plague communities, leaving many women living in fear and vulnerability.

Shaheen is an organisation that helps women who have been through harrowing incidents. Their goal is to empower women in every way possible. This means they look at all aspects of a woman’s journey to feeling strong and independent.

One thing Shaheen focuses on is helping women become financially independent. Shaheen also teaches women about their rights. Many women don’t know what they’re entitled to or feel too scared to ask for it.Shaheen also cares about women’s safety. 

Most importantly, they work hard to make sure every woman they help feels respected and valued. 



About Our Hero

Jameela Nishat, is a feminist poet with a master’s in English Literature and a diploma in Theatre Arts. Inspired by women’s suffering, she founded Shaheen after the 2002 Hyderabad riots to create a safe space for women. Shaheen empowers marginalized women and girls to claim their socio-economic rights, and teach them to lead a life of dignity.


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