We have more food at our fingertips than ever before, yet many of us rely upon supplementation to meet our needs for vital nutrients. While our plates may be overflowing, the quality of the food we eat often falls short. Over reliance on chemical-intensive farming is depleting our health as well as the soil. This translates to crops with diminished nutritional value, leaving us feeling full but potentially deficient. 

The need for responsible farming is rising.

Here’s when the Organic Movement in Punjab called Kheti Virasat Mission established by our hero, Umendra Dutt came into picture. In their journey, they aim to rediscover Punjab’s pristine origins. Their focus lies in reviving and conserving natural farming practices, traditional healthy foods, organic clothing, traditional handicrafts, vernacular architecture, and edible food forests in Punjab.


About Our Hero

Umendra Dutt, Founder of Kheti Virasat Mission, leads a movement for sustainable farming in Punjab. He’s a member of national councils and task forces, advocating for ecological health. Through campaigns and workshops, he addresses agrarian and environmental issues. Since 1996, he’s played a key role in building the Environment and Organic Farming movement, supporting hundreds of organic farmers. In addition to his farming work, Umendra is a social worker, writer, and columnist, contributing to various philanthropic and environmental initiatives for over 32 years.


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