Friends of

Jai Hind

Who Is A Friend Of Jai Hind?

Anyone who believes that our youth needs better heroes and role models is a Friend of Jai Hind. They could be individuals, leaders or anyone.

The stories we create are ‘creative commons’. They belong to the youth of India, and we would request your assistance in watching them yourselves and then getting these stories to our children and youth.

A Friend of Jai Hind could be you or a school, college and organization that employs young people. It could be anyone.

How Do These Stories Reach You & How Do You Distribute Them?

We send the stories on the day they are released. You can then choose to send them further in whatever way you deem right.

Example: A school has decided to share the stories with their teachers and parents via email and WhatsApp. They will also be shown to the students after the Monday assembly using the teaching aid handout provided by us.

Another school will be showing these in the weekly empathy classes and discussing the issue in the story.

An organisation has agreed to send the latest story to their staff every week through the company intranet and communication board.

It is really up to you how you spread the heroism. Like, subscribe, watch and share.

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