About jai hind project

If you are reading this, chances are that you might be interested in ‘India’ or at least some version or idea of India. Many of the problems in India, especially ones that affect the large majority of our poor and underprivileged, are a constant battle. Moreover, it is also fought daily by individuals, organizations, and the government. This battle is also fought amidst the chaos and diversity of opinions in India and with great difficulty. However, we all know that it must be fought and is a ‘good fight’. This is how all nations and its citizens grow and flourish. We call these people and organizations – ‘Heroes’.

This then, is the genesis of ‘The Jai Hind Project’. Give India better and more of these heroes, by telling their stories, so others may be inspired to be heroes themselves.

We start with a very simple definition of a ‘Hero’ by Matt Langdon – “The opposite of a hero is not a villain; it’s a bystander”. This video will give you a brief insight into why we started the Jai Hind Project and what we would like to see changing in India.


Remember what Matt Langdon says: “The opposite of a hero is not a villain; it’s a bystander.” There are thousands of people who, when faced with wrongdoing, took action, embraced challenges, and did it all for others. Our stories revolve around these individuals. Each of us harbours a hero inside, and we believe these stories will keep heroism alive within all of us.


Many of our heroes take immense risks and make significant sacrifices for what they do, often dedicating a lifetime to their work. They rely on all of us to lend a helping hand, whether through volunteering, donating, or connecting them with others. Every small contribution matters.


While it may seem like what we do for these heroes will never be enough, that sentiment is where all significant movements begin. When a collective effort to discuss heroism in daily life becomes a habit, and supporting the heroes around us becomes second nature, things start to move.


All nations and societies require work, and we acknowledge that we need a substantial amount. Some individuals will make this their life’s mission, akin to the heroes on the Jai Hind Project. The rest of us can easily contribute by refusing to be bystanders. Act, take risks for what is right, and do it for others. Jai Hind!