Jayesh Joshi, a firm believer of Gandhian philosophy, embarked on a journey that would touch countless lives. Destiny pushed him into a farmer’s life in Rajasthan. It was here that the seeds of Vaagdhara were sown.

Driven by a deep-rooted belief in Swaraj, Jayesh bhai set out to bridge the gap between privilege and deprivation. He understood that true development goes beyond charity—it’s about empowering individuals to become architects of their own destiny.

According to him and his Gandhian beliefs, Ahimsa isn’t just about not hurting people or animals. It also involves treating the environment well, such as using land sustainably, conserving soil, and maintaining ecological balance.

Vaagdhara’s circular approach is focussed on creating a balance in the ecosystem. It’s not just about economic growth; it’s about the well-being of indigenous communities. By practising true farming, they pave the way for a future where poverty and hunger are replaced by prosperity and abundance.


About Our Hero

Jayesh Joshi who is also known as the Gandhi of Vagad, started Vaagdhara 24 years ago to empower the marginalised and vulnerable groups, to realise their rights and potential, and to improve their quality of life. 



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