Creative Commons Policy

The primary purpose of the Jai Hind Project is to ensure that our heroes receive recognition and support and serve as inspirations to all. We believe in multiple avenues of support for these heroes, which may include volunteering, connecting them with resources such as CSR initiatives and funding, or providing direct contributions. Additionally, we aspire to motivate young individuals to become heroes themselves by sharing these inspiring stories.

Our sole objective is to facilitate these goals. The content, research, connections, and knowledge made available through the Jai Hind Project are accessible to anyone interested in advancing the project’s objective. It is offered freely and comes with no strings attached, for all time. Our intention is to maintain a straightforward and open approach.

For instance, if you wish to delve deeper into the life of one of our heroes, establish a connection with them, or create a documentary or written piece about their journey, we are more than willing to assist and share our available resources. Utilize our footage, data, research, and connections to avoid unnecessary duplication of efforts. Together, let us continue to say,“Jai Hind!”

DISCLAIMER: This content cannot be used for monetisation purposes.