The term “secular” was added to the Preamble of the Indian Constitution in 1976 through the 42nd Amendment. It means that the government does not support any specific religion, treats all citizens equally regardless of their religion, and encourages tolerance and harmony among different religious groups. This change highlights the important idea that all religions are respected equally in India.

Communal harmony is all about different communities living together in peace, respecting each other’s beliefs and traditions. In a country as diverse as ours, where multiple religions and cultures coexist, it’s crucial to maintain this harmony. It helps prevent conflicts and makes our society stronger and more united.

Hozefa Ujjaini, through Buniyad, is doing impactful work to keep this harmony alive. He brings people together, helping them to talk to each other and see beyond their differences. This not only prevents violence but also helps everyone work together towards common goals, fostering progress for all.

Check out the video below to see how Hozefa’s efforts are making a real difference in fostering communal harmony.



About Our Hero

After the 2002 Gujarat riots, our hero Hozefa Ujjaini got involved to help calm the tensions. He started by volunteering at a local relief camp, and helped out with relief efforts, rebuilding, and supporting people to get back on their feet. He also worked hard to stop the spread of false information, knowing how harmful it can be to community harmony. Hozefa’s goal is to create a future where false information can’t cause division anymore.



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