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Imagine a world where silence surrounds a natural part of life, where shame and misinformation hold women back. That’s the reality Dr. Kala witnessed, prompting her to create the MITU Foundation.

MITU Foundation’s mission isn’t just about providing sanitary products; it’s about shattering the silence surrounding menstruation, educating young girls, and dismantling outdated beliefs. It’s about reaching out to the underprivileged, not just with solutions, but with empathy and understanding.

In 11 years, MITU has reached out to 35,000+ girls and women in 100+ villages in Karnataka. They equip women with the skills to make their own sanitary products, empowering them with financial independence and a sense of agency. They provide these women with a chance to rewrite their narratives and transform their lives.

About Our Hero

Dr. Kala Charlu is a passionate advocate for social welfare, dedicating her life to uplifting the underprivileged. She has volunteered at eye operation camps in Gomia, Bihar, and supported NGOs in urban slums. Witnessing the poor menstrual hygiene practices among marginalized women, she founded Multiple Initiatives Towards Upliftment (MITU) after the loss of her daughter, Maitreyi (Mitu).


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