A life where the top priority is earning a daily wage to get enough food to live and sustain another day. A life where makeshift homes with minimal hygiene conditions are the norm. A life where an open drain in front of your home is a public toilet used by all. 

These are the extreme realities of India’s slum community. Today, these slums are shrinking further. The struggle between collective living and individual space is real. 

Dr. Hanif Lakdawala recognized these extreme conditions after visiting 22 slums in Ahmedabad. He initiated Sanchetana Sansthan in one slum, which has now expanded to improve the lives of people in over 86 slum pockets. Sanchetana focuses on holistic health, including sexual and reproductive health (SRH) and emotional well-being, alongside efforts in education, environmental conservation, leadership development, and fostering communal harmony and peace.

What motivated Dr. Hanif to take action and how did he overcome obstacles and motivated change in the slum community? Watch the video below to know more.

About Our Hero

Dr. Hanif Lakdawala, a doctor, established Sanchetna Community Health & Research Centre in 1983 and now works as the Managing Trustee of the Organization. Sanchetana that started off with one slum and a mission to help the slum community is now operating in 86 slum pockets of Ahmedabad covering a population of about 120,000.


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