The Nest Man of India


The story began with this dream in the ’80s when a man named Rakesh Khatri couldn’t find his childhood friends amidst the concrete jungle of Delhi. As a kid, he would climb up the stairs of his Chandni Chowk home, find the sparrows in the bird nesting holes, and fly them away. However, in the rapidly-progressing cities, those friends were nowhere to be found.

This realization started the journey of the Nest Man in making.

Rakesh Khatri has never looked back. Today, through his Eco Roots Foundation, he works on environmental and ecosystem conservation, building a climate-conscious mindset in children and youth through several programs. Over the years, he, along with children and communities, has woven over 6,00,000 birdhouses, reviving the lost art of coexistence.

Today, the Nest Man of India stands tall, a maestro conducting a symphony for Mother Earth. Let’s keep the spirit alive and join him in this harmonious journey, one nest at a time.

About Our Hero

Rakesh Khatri, known as the Nest Man of India, is a passionate environmental conservationist with a track record of over 20 successful projects in Sparrow Conservation, Water Conservation, and E-waste Management. He is a recipient of prestigious awards, including the National Science Award in 2020, acknowledgment in the Limca Book of World Records twice, the International Green Apple Award, Earth Day Network Star recognition, and membership in the IUCN.

His impactful work reflects his commitment to preserving the environment and has garnered him accolades on both national and international platforms.


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