Fueled by his own experiences of overcoming mobility challenges, Paul Ramanathan knew one thing for certain: true disability lies not in a person’s body, but in the environment that fails to embrace them. Thus began the journey of deciding to change the way society views disability by co-founding Sama Foundation in 2005, an organization rewriting the story of inclusivity and empowerment.

Sama Foundation focuses on creating equal opportunities for children facing both poverty and disability. Through bridge centres in government schools, they provide therapeutic support, education assistance, and assistive technology, empowering children to face life with confidence.

Beyond disability, Sama actively tackles issues like poverty, unemployment, drug abuse, and climate change.

Join Paul and Sama Foundation in their mission to create a world where challenges are stepping stones to success.

About Our Hero

Paul Ramanathan is an experienced professional deeply dedicated to helping communities. With a background in computer science, Paul shifted his focus in 2000 after a year-long training with UNESCAP, emphasizing non-handicapped environments. He worked in community-based rehabilitation at World Vision – Bangalore and served as a Programme Officer at Every Child – UK, specializing in rehabilitating street children. In 2005, Paul co-founded Sama Foundation, addressing disability issues in a social context. Now, his main focus is promoting inclusive education and livelihood opportunities for people with disabilities in Karnataka.


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