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Dr. Savita Datt's Journey: From Under A Tree To 6 Learning Centres

In 2003, she sat under a tree with a chart paper and seven kids; today, she runs 6 learning centers through which 750 children are getting education. This is the Kahani (story) of 80-year-old Dr. Savita Datt whose resolve gave birth to PrakashDeep – a school for the underprivileged children. Located in Faridabad, PrakashDeep brings Prakash (light) into the lives of poor children through quality education. Based on Tagore’s ideology of naturalism, these schools are called Green Learning Centers, a model which, in the words of Dr. Savita Datt, can be replicated anywhere across India. How did it start? Why did it start? What prompted a sixty-year-old lady working on international peace and conflict resolution to quit her job and start a school under a tree in her locality? To know about this hero’s story, watch the video below.

About Our Hero

Dr. Savita Datt, born amid the turmoil of pre-partition India, witnessed displacement and conflict firsthand, shaping her lifelong dedication to peace. After earning a PhD, she pursued conflict resolution, working at the Indian Institute for Defense Studies and Analyses and engaging in India-Pakistan confidence-building measures. Dr. Datt’s profound belief in education as a cornerstone of peace led her to found PrakashDeep, a free school for underprivileged children in Faridabad. In her book ‘A Drop of Light,’ she takes her readers on the journey of PrakashDeep.


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