Everyday brings with it, a battle – 12,000 people fighting the scarcity of blood. Families hold their breath, waiting for a lifeline that might change the course of their lives. 

An incident took place in 1993, when Mr Rakesh Sangar crossed paths with an old gentleman who was battling brain tumour. Mr Sangar met his wife. Her eyes held stories of pain, rooted by sleepless nights and silent prayers. That was the moment when he didn’t just see a patient but felt the insecurity of existence. That day, it struck that blood donation was beyond just an act. Mr Sangar didn’t merely donate blood; he saved a life. 

And from that moment, he knew his purpose deep down.

Following up with many similar incidents brought Shree Shiv Kanwar Maha Sangh Charitable Trust into existence. For many years, the trust has been leading a life-saving mission.Their objective is simple yet profound: to host regular blood donation drives across tricity for now. They collaborate with supporting partners across the country to provide aid wherever needed. Their tireless efforts in organising blood donation camps are making a tangible difference, one selfless act at a time.


About Our Hero

In 1995, Mr. Rakesh Sangar organised his very first blood donation camp while working at PGI Hospital in Chandigarh. He along with his friends from a common temple continued to work on this and organised camps finally leading to the creation of the ‘Shree Shiv Kanwar Mahasangh Charitable Trust’ in 2014. Since then, the trust has been devoted in its mission to save lives through blood donation and raising awareness about this pressing situation.



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