This kahani (story) of Jai Hind Stories features a story of transformation, a story of a vision fulfilled, a story of perseverance. Today, in the heart of Dholpur, Rajasthan, we find banks in villages, women using mobile phones, and children attending schools. The strength of these villages lies in women’s institutions. Through various programmes like Internet Sakhi, Krishi Sakhi, Sakhi, women hold the reins and drive progress forward. Most importantly, women now hold passports and have visited West Africa to train women in Senegal and Mali, enabling them to become financially independent. 

However, if we were to visit Dholpur a few years back, say in 2000 or 2001, we would find villages steeped in poverty. Institutions like banks, schools, and hospitals were far-fetched dreams. With men migrating to cities in search of livelihoods, women were left alone struggling with no access to ration cards. 
This is where our hero, Sanjay K. Sharma, enters the picture. He made it his life mission to uplift rural communities, culminating in the foundation of the Manjari Foundation. 
Today, Manjari is helping build resilient and self-sustainable women-led institutions capable of bringing a lasting economic and social change.

About Our Hero

Sanjay K. Sharma, Founder and Executive Director of Manjari Foundation, is a dedicated rural development expert. He holds a B.Tech in Agricultural Engineering from Punjab Agriculture University, Ludhiana, and a Masters in Sustainable International Development with a focus on Development Economics from the Heller School of Social Policy and Management, Boston, USA. He began his career with Professional Assistance for Development Action (PRADAN) and later went on to found the Manjari Foundation in 2015. His commitment to social justice and poverty eradication earned him a prestigious Ford Foundation Fellowship (2006-08). Sanjay has played a vital role in shaping inclusive policies, working with various government departments. He’s also a mentor, empowering women farmers and fostering women-led enterprises in Rajasthan and Bundelkhand. 


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