Helpless or Inspirational: Who Decides?

We often speak of an inclusive world, but are we truly inclusive of everyone? Col. Karminder is dedicated to making sure that deafblind children are not left out of conversations about diversity and inclusion. He relentlessly advocates for their rights and works to ensure they have the same opportunities as everyone else.

This initiative started back in 1967 when Amar Singh Kamboj Ji, father of Col. Karminder Ji, met two blind boys who were travelling looking for a school to get an education. Realising that there was no school for them, he set up the Patiala School for the Blind to help these and other disabled children.

Today, Col. Karminder Ji continues his father’s legacy. Under his leadership, the school has grown to serve not only blind students but also deaf students and infants with hearing issues. The school takes a comprehensive approach to education, ensuring each child gets the support they need. Their goal is to empower these children to become not just receivers of aid but contributors to society.


About Our Hero

Col. Karminder, once a soldier, found a new mission when his father Amar Singh Kamboj started Patiala School for the Blind. Inspired by his father’s vision, he joined the cause and expanded the school’s reach. Today, under his leadership, Patiala School serves the blind, deaf, and those with dual impairments. His commitment to education and empowerment has made Patiala School a beacon of hope and learning.


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