Picture a child using their little hands to weave carpets, roll beedis, or break stones. Now, imagine there are 5.7 million of them. In India, that’s how many children between the ages of 5 and 17 are engaged in labour.

These children are modern-day slaves, trapped by debts drawn by their parents. Families in need are given “loans” by the debtors-turned-employers, tying them to a life of bonded labour. 

Yogesh Ji couldn’t shake the image of these trapped workers from his mind. The unfairness of it all filled him with anger. While he and other partners were working in isolation, on these cases, he got the idea of the Law Power Association to take action and truly help these individuals, together with the other partners. 

Since 2018, they’ve been on a mission to eradicate bonded labor, child exploitation, and sexual abuse. With their passion and belief, we can imagine a better world where every labourer’s rights are not just words on a piece of paper, but a living, breathing reality. 

Watch their story below to find out how our hero and his associates are striving to uplift and empower these individuals. 


About Our Hero

Yogesh Parshad, a law graduate, was deeply moved by the plight of bonded laborers, child laborers, and victims of child abuse. Motivated by a desire to make a difference, he founded the Law Power Association, dedicated to breaking the chains of exploitation and creating a better future for all.


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