News of a minor girl’s rape made him lose his sleep. For nights, if he slept at all, he saw nightmares of his close ones getting raped. It shook him to the extent of him researching deeply about the issue. The deeper he dug, the more restless he became. Then one day, he decided that he had to do something about it.

In 2020, that something resulted in Bachpan Save the Innocence, an NGO that works on preventing child sexual abuse through education and empowerment. Bachpan aims to create a world where children are aware of their rights and can stand up against any form of abuse. It focuses on sensitizing stakeholders, developing educational programmes, and providing support platforms for CSA survivors.

Going beyond traditional workshops, it works on the depths of emotions, adolescent changes, digital safety, and legal awareness. It strives for sustainable change, working toward a society where children, parents, teachers, and even legal professionals are equipped to prevent and address child sexual abuse. It has already impacted over 28,000+ individuals through 14 distinct sensitization programs.

Rahul envisions a world where no one is afraid to think about their childhood.

About Our Hero

Rahul Singla, founder of Bachpan Save The Innocence, is passionate about preventing child sexual abuse. With a solid engineering and consulting foundation, Rahul holds a BE degree from Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology and has two years of experience as an associate consultant at Capgemini. His proficiency extends to data analytics, Python programming, and effective stakeholder collaboration.


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